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What Should I Watch Out For When Installing LED Cabinet Light?

Jun. 21, 2018 Share:

LED Cabinet Light is a series of products based on lighting and decorative applications. When installing LED cabinet lights, note the following:

1, LED cabinet lighting before the first cut off the power, should not be charged with installation;

2. Ask an electrician or someone with relevant experience to install it;

3. Fix the lighting fixtures on non-flammable objects with screws;

4. Avoid installing in the area above the heat source, direct sunlight, air flow and temperature changes;

5. In front of the heat source sensor, there should be no obstructions affecting its induction or heat source objects that have been moving;

6, in order to ensure the maximum detection range, ceiling installation height: 2.5-3m, wall installation height: 1.8-2m;

7, to avoid exposure of products to outdoor, direct shower location;

8. Do not touch the sensor lens with sharp hard objects or rough contaminants.

9. The installation position of the sensor switch should be kept at a distance of more than 50cm from the lamp, and avoid direct light source on the sensor; LED cabinet lighting

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What Should I Watch Out For When Installing LED Cabinet Light?