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Features Of LED Dot Light

Apr. 19, 2018 Share:

Safe and stable: LED Dot Light can be driven with low voltage DC power supply. Generally, the power supply voltage is between 6~24V, so the safety performance is relatively good, especially suitable for public places. In addition, it has a smaller light decay and a longer life than a conventional light source under a good external environment. Even if it is switched frequently, it does not affect its service life.

Good shock and impact resistance: The basic structure of LED Dot Light is an electroluminescent semiconductor material, placed on a leaded shelf, and then sealed with epoxy resin. There is no glass enclosure on the structure, and it does not need to be like incandescent. A lamp or a fluorescent lamp evacuates or injects a specific gas into the lamp tube. Therefore, LED Dot Light has good shock and shock resistance, which brings convenience to all aspects of production, transportation and use.

Strong directionality: Compared with traditional light sources, the LED Dot Light emits light that is directed. Most of the light emitted from the LED can be directed toward the illuminated surface, which is much more efficient than Lamp Bulb.

LED Dot Light