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Hunan's First Four-Time Executive Council Meeting Was Held In SUC

Sep. 19, 2018 Share:

On September 14, 2018, the first four-time executive council of Hunan Lighting Society was in research, developing, producing and high high power LED lights and related lighting fixtures -- LED Soft Filament Bulb, LED Courtyard Light and other environmental protection products.

With execution of International quality management system ISO9001 and CE approvals on series of products, nowadays SUC products are sold in all over the world and acquires a reputation from international market. It is important that SUC has a powerful techinical & research team Always keep a high level and also professional on designing & developing any illuminating solutions for users. SUC has registered more than 14 items of patents up to today.

SUC will hold its core idea that "Make Spaceless Beautiful Lighting, Bring Timeless Green Living" for all our mankind, and will never forget its obligation that promoting and guiding the illuminating industry to develop in the direction of Green-Lighting.

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LED Wall Washer Factory

LED Courtyard Light