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Why Is High-Power Wall Washers Energy-Saving?

Aug. 31, 2018 Share:

The main difference between cold and hot light sources is whether the light source contains infrared spectrum. The cold light source is a light source with almost no infrared spectrum. The popular LED light source is a typical cold light source. Traditional incandescent and halogen sources are typical thermal sources. The cold light source is characterized by converting almost all other energy into visible light. There are few other wavelengths of light, and the heat source is different. In addition to visible light, there is a large amount of infrared light, and a considerable part of the energy is converted into no contribution to the illumination. Infrared light. The LED light source is a luminescence source that contains almost no infrared spectrum, so it is a typical cold light source.

LED Wall Washer Light China important feature: LED structure is different from traditional light source, its luminescence has a certain directionality, it is impossible to illuminate all around, LED concentrates the light to the illuminated surface, and the natural efficiency is improved. The illumination of the traditional light source is close to 360°. If the light from the traditional light source is to be controlled, the reflector must be added, and the efficiency of the reflector lamp will be compromised. Therefore, the overall efficiency of the luminaire of the traditional light source is not high, and the LED wastes some energy despite the heat, and the overall efficiency is high.

Light efficiency is an important indicator of high-power wall-washing lamps: LEDs of high-power wall-washing lamps have certain advantages in light efficiency, that is, the ability to convert electrical energy into light energy is better than other conventional light sources. In addition to the advantages of FTP, the efficiency of LED lighting is high.

The high-power LED chip of the high-power wall washer has a large current, and the driving circuit has many components, and the total heat generated is considerable. There must be a good heat conduction and heat dissipation system to ensure the service life of the high power wall washer and slow down the light decay.

The life of the LED depends on the driving power supply and the heat dissipation scheme. The LED light source directly converts the electrical energy into light energy, and the junction temperature, that is, the temperature between the chip and the bottom of the LED is about 10 degrees, and the high power wall washer The heat-dissipating heat-dissipating aluminum part is about 60 degrees, and more than 60 degrees can be understood as unqualified.

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