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The Importance Of Purchasing High Quality LED Wall Washers

Aug. 22, 2018 Share:

Good LED Wall Washer must be driven by high-quality and high-power output efficiency, high-efficiency LED light source and high-efficiency heat sink. The perfect combination of three components, no matter how good the drive, if it does not match the light source, it will not produce the same. The best luminous efficiency, the heat generated by the drive and the light source will lose a lot of energy and lose energy. It is well known that the heat dissipation condition of the LED wall washer determines the life of the LED lamp, no matter how good the driving power source and light source are used, the heat dissipation Not good, even if the initial light effect of the lamp is high, it will soon decay, resulting in failure to use.

The most fundamental reason why we choose LED wall washers is to save energy, save money, and only have high luminous efficiency, long life LED wall washers can really play the role of energy saving and money saving, also LED wall washers, high efficiency LED washing The wall lamp is more than 50% more efficient than the ordinary LED wall washer, which means that the energy saving effect is more than 50%.

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