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What Kind Of LED Wall Washer Can Be Used For a Long Time?

Jul. 25, 2018 Share:

LED Wall Washer is an outdoor lighting fixture. Because it is used outdoors, it will inevitably be damaged when it encounters sun and rain. How to reduce the chance of damage? It needs many aspects of wall washer manufacturers and customers work hard.

Wall washer manufacturers need to use LED to improve the waterproof performance of LED wall washers when using LED wall washers. The possibility of water intake is kept as low as possible. Aluminum is used as the lamp body, which also improves its heat dissipation performance. To prevent damage after exposure. In fact, regular wall washer manufacturer will handle these things well, so generally there will be no problem, just like the wall-washing lamp manufacturer Langliang lighting, carefully create each LED wall washer.

Relatively speaking, the maintenance of the LED wall washer is more important, but since the LED wall washer will be installed at a relatively high position away from the ground, subsequent maintenance work is difficult to carry out. The installation location should be selected as a place with obstructions. .

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What Kind Of LED Wall Washer Can Be Used For a Long Time?