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What Are The Advantages Of LED Tri-proof Light Compared To Traditional Tri-proof Light?

Jan. 25, 2019 Share:

What are the advantages of LED Tri-proof Light compared to traditional three-proof lamps? Why do people now prefer the LED three-proof lamp, and the traditional three-proof lamp is less and less important? Let the Industrial LED Tri-proof Light Supplier explain today:

From the perspective of the light source; the light source matched by the traditional three-proof lamp is a fluorescent tube, and the disadvantages of the fluorescent tube are well known, that is, the service life is short, the damage rate is high, the light decay is large, and the power consumption is high. In today's pursuit of energy-saving and power-saving, the traditional three-proof lights obviously do not meet the needs of people, and it is an inevitable trend to be replaced by LED three-proof lights.

Compared with the traditional three-proof lamp, the LED three-proof lamp is precisely improved for the shortcomings of the traditional three-proof lamp, and it can be said that it is based on the improvement of the traditional three-proof lamp. The LED light source is an LED light source. The LED light source is well known, that is, it has a long service life of about 100,000 hours; energy saving; low light decay; safe and reliable, not easily damaged.

Of course, things tend to have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of ordinary three-proof lamps are low cost and low initial investment cost, but they are extremely expensive to use. The High Light Efficiency LED Tri-proof Light has a higher cost, but it is absolutely cheaper than ordinary. The three-proof lamps save 50% of electricity, so the later use costs can save the cost back.

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