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What Are The Advantages Of LED Tri-proof Light Compared To Traditional Three-proof Lamps?

Dec. 10, 2018 Share:

Why is the lamp damage rate so high in low temperature and humid environments? Let the High Light efficiency LED Tri-proof Light Supplier tell you the answer today. Why are many so-called traditional three-proof lamps on the market with very short service life and uneven product quality? The true three-proof LED IP level protection is above IP65, and it can really achieve dustproof, low temperature and waterproof. There are not many manufacturers.

As we all know, the three anti-lights are generally used in closed or semi-closed humid low temperature environment, and the three anti-lights not only require structural design to be waterproof and dustproof, but the electronic originals are more resistant to low temperature requirements.

LED Tri-proof Light is suitable for wet and dusty places in factories, warehouses, cold storage, subways, airports, garages, stadiums, etc., various powdered semi-finished products processing plants, steam and steam treatment workshops. Not only is it higher than the traditional three-proof lamp protection level, but it is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The service life is basically more than 3 years. The maintenance at the later stage is basically 0, durable and beautiful.

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