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What Is The Future Development Of The LED Street Light Industry?

Nov. 20, 2018 Share:

With the continuous development and progress of today's society, many daily necessities and electrical appliances are beginning to think more and more about the humanized operation of artificial intelligence products. Among them, the best in the electrical products market is touch mobile phones, notebook computers and so on. As a current emerging industry LED product, of course, it is not far behind, using a variety of humanized intelligent design used in LED Street Light power supply, electronic ballast, tunnel light drive and other related products.

The LED intelligent lighting control system is used for centralized monitoring and control. According to the use requirements, time-division LED street lights, garden lights dimming, can save 20% to 30%, and extend the life of the lamps. The advantage is that the control of each phase is stored independently using preset information. When a fault occurs in a certain line in the system, the fault point and the faulty animal can be detected and saved immediately, which is beneficial to troubleshooting, saving manpower, material resources and time.

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