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What Is The Maintenance And Installation Method For LED Lamp Bulb?

Feb. 18, 2019 Share:

LED Lamp Bulb's maintenance methods mainly include:

1. Do not switch the power of the lamp.

2. Do not let the bulb shine continuously for too long.

3. Do not connect too many appliances on the terminal block.

4. Do not plug or unplug the power while the light is on, or even unscrew the light bulb.

5. Do not take the hot bulb to a cold environment immediately, and vice versa.

It is necessary to pay attention to the LED Lamp Bulb to be free from external interference, and to be beautiful, practical, firm and safe.

Lamp Bulb Exporter explains the installation points of Lamp Bulb:

1. The connection of the wires should be standardized.

2. The switch should control the live wire.

3. The screw sleeve of the screw socket is only connected to the zero line.

4. The two wires in the lamp holder should be insulated from each other and fastened with a fuse.

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