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The difference between LED underground lights and LED underwater lights.

Feb. 27, 2019 Share:

LED Underground Lights and LED underwater lights look alike, so many people mix them into one kind of lamp. In fact, they are a bit like twins. Although they look like, they also have different centers. Regarding LED underground lights and LED Underwater Lights, their usefulness is quite different.

The material is different: LED underground light material is generally stainless steel polished panel shell, small size, good heat dissipation, high quality waterproof joint, silicone seal ring; LED underwater light data is generally stainless steel panel, aluminum lamp body, with strong It has the advantages of corrosion resistance and impact resistance, and has a good waterproof design.

The degree of protection is different: the protection level of the LED underground light needs to reach IP65 or above; and the protection level of the LED underwater light needs to reach IP68 or above.

All the differences in use: LED underground lights are often used in parks, communities, flower beds, streets and other places for night lighting; LED underwater lights are often used in pools, fountains, aquariums and other lighting projects.

In short, although there are similarities between lamps and lamps, they are always different in use, and the titles are different. The use is the most important, the choice of lighting depends on the choice of use, in order to choose the most suitable.

LED underground lights

LED underground lights