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How To Choose A Qualified LED Wall Washer Light?

Jan. 09, 2019 Share:

In 2013, the LED lighting industry entered a hot stage, and LED Wall Washer Light gradually entered a wide range of applications. LED wall washers, as the name implies, let the lights wash the wall like water, mainly used for architectural decoration lighting. Because LED products have the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich colors and long life, they are in 2013. Wall washers of other light sources will gradually be replaced by LED wall washers. The government's policy for the LED industry is also a testament to the history of LEDs moving towards the lighting industry. But everything is always imperfect, especially for LED wall washers. Energy saving is currently the best product in the lighting industry, but it is unacceptable for many friends who believe in the price at which it is located. As long as we understand the key elements of LED wall washers at the time of purchase, LED Wall Washer Light Supplier will give you information about LED Wall Washer Light. I believe that we can help you when choosing products.

1. The drive power

I believe many of the friends who have used LED products know that the driving power supply can be said to be the most important part of LED lighting products. A high-efficiency, low-heat, and stable drive power supply is especially important for LED lighting products. LED wall washers are no exception. Now let's discuss the non-isolated drive power.

Non-isolated driver power supply characteristics generally require constant current and wide voltage, that is, the city voltage is 85-265V, which is common, low power consumption, high efficiency, and in some cases, high power factor is required. It has the requirements of open circuit short circuit protection, output overvoltage protection, high load capacity, etc., and also needs to adopt some safe design for the part of the driving power supply, using physical insulation, even when using non-isolated driving power supply. It also achieves absolute safety.

2. LED light source

In order to achieve a certain brightness, we need to pay attention to the choice of light source. The design of different lamp beads is different, and the heat dissipation effect is different. Of course, the light effect is also different. It is not possible to select some low-grade products for cost saving. Low-brightness lamp beads to charge, whether the brightness of an LED wall washer is up to the standard is completely dependent on the light source, the light source can not do what is the brightness? Therefore, the light source of the LED wall washer is also very particular.

3. The radiator

At present, the common LED wall washer heat dissipation structure on the market is aluminum material, and then the aluminum substrate of the lamp bead is used to conduct heat to the external aluminum material for heat dissipation, so the purity of the material determines the LED wall washer lamp. Whether the heat dissipation is up to the standard, if the heat dissipation material is not handled well, it will have a great impact on the life of the LED wall washer, and it will also affect the quality of the LED wall washing light. Buying a good radiator is also an aspect we should pay attention to.

However, since 2013, LED Wall Light China has been widely used in a variety of places, and the scope is also widening, from indoor to outdoor, from local lighting to overall lighting, are the level of improvement and development; Nowadays, LED wall washers have been heavily invested in lighting projects. In the next few years, LED wall washers will become an indispensable part of lighting projects. LED wall washers are small and light in terms of volume, and they are mainly high-power LED light sources in power! So mastering the skills of a product is essential.

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