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Use Requirements Of LED Highbay Light

Apr. 12, 2018 Share:

LED Highbay Light is the general name for the lamps and lanterns used in production areas of factories, mines, warehouses, and high buildings. In addition to the various lights used in the normal environment, there are special LED Cabinet Lights and Lights used in special environments. Corrosion lamp.

In order to meet the visual needs of different production operations and the needs of the lighting installation conditions, the reflector of the mining lamp should be able to produce a wide range of light distribution. The surface is painted and glazed to make it white, and reflectors made of aluminum, glass mirrors, prism glass, etc., have a wide distribution of light and are suitable for large-scale, vertical or near-vertical work surfaces. . For tall buildings and locations where there is a need for separate lighting for tall machine tools, reflectors made of prismatic glass, mirror glass, and polished aluminum with high light control properties can be used to obtain a narrow beam profile.

LED Highbay Light