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What Are The Characteristics Of LED Highbay Light?

Nov. 02, 2018 Share:

The LED Highbay Light is also called LED high bay light. The industrial light station is an important part of urban industrial lighting. What are the characteristics of Highly Efficient LED Highbay Light?

1, Highly Efficient LED Highbay Light body is made of high-strength die-cast aluminum material, anti-aging electrostatic spray treatment on the surface, self-cleaning and corrosion resistance.

2. The use of high-quality LED products, high stability, long life of up to 25,000 to 50,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than the traditional light source, achieving low investment and high return.

3. Green and environmental pollution-free, cold light source design, no heat radiation, no harm to the eyes and skin. Contains no pollution elements such as lead and mercury, realizing a true green color

4. Humanized structure design, lighting installation and maintenance is easier. Suitable for a variety of application needs.

5. The lamp design is fully heat-dissipating, the cover temperature is low, safe and protective.

6. The color rendering is good, the light is stable, the real color is more realistic, the color temperature of the LED light source is optional, can meet the needs of different environments.

7. The constant-latitude power supply with constant current and constant voltage control is suitable for wide voltage (AC 90~264V/90~305V), which overcomes the shortcomings caused by the power grid and noise pollution generated by the ballast.

8. The decorative effect is excellent, using a special surface treatment process, the appearance of color optional, easy to install, easy to disassemble, a wide range of applications.

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Highly Efficient LED Highbay Light