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Advantages Of LED Highbay Light

May. 02, 2018 Share:

According to the light source, Highbay Light can be divided into traditional light mining high bay light (such as sodium lamp high bay light, mercury light high bay light etc.) and LED Highbay Light. Compared to traditional mining lamps, LED highbay light have great advantages:

1. LED highbay light indicates high RA>70

2.LED mining high light efficiency, more energy-efficient, equivalent to 100W LED mining lamp can replace the traditional 250W traditional mining lamp.

3.Traditional light sources have the disadvantage of high lamp temperatures. The lamp temperature can reach 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light source, the lamp temperature is low, more secure, is a cold drive.

4.In the constant innovation of LED High Bay Lights, the latest type of fin radiator lamp is more reasonable radiator design, greatly reducing the weight of industrial and mining lamps, so that the overall weight of 80W LED High Bay Lights down to 4KG, and Perfectly solve the heat problem of 80-300W LED high bay light.

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LED Highbay Light