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Installation Precautions Of LED Cabinet Light

May. 08, 2018 Share:

LED technology is advancing with each passing day, its luminous efficiency is making an astonishing breakthrough, and prices are constantly decreasing. The era of a white LED entering the home is rapidly coming. LED Cabinet Light is environmentally friendly and does not contain mercury. The assembled parts of the LED light bulb can be easily dismantled and can be recycled by other people without factory recycling.

Precautions for installation:

1. Before the LED Cabinet Light is installed, cut off the power supply, and do not install it with electricity.

2. Ask an electrician or someone with relevant experience to install it;

3. Fix the lighting with wood screws on non-flammable objects;

4. Avoid installation in areas above heat sources, direct sunlight, and significant changes in airflow and temperature.

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SLCG-F004 LED Cabinet Light