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LED Light Source is Environmentally Friendly

Jun. 27, 2018 Share:

LED is a solid-state light-emitting body, impact-resistant and not easily broken, waste can be recycled, no pollution, reduce the production of a large number of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrides and carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, improve people's living environment, can be called "green lighting source. ”

There are currently three types of white LED technology:

1. Using the principle of three primary colors and three types of super high-brightness LEDs that can produce red, green, and blue, they are mixed in white at a light intensity of 3:1:6.

2. Using the ultra-high-intensity InGan blue LED, the tube adds a little phosphor to the main body of the pomegranate. It can generate yellow-green light under excitation of blue light, and the yellow-green light can combine with the blue light to synthesize white light.

3. Do not make UV LEDs. Use UV-excited three-color phosphors or other phosphors to create white light with multiple colors.

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