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LED Light Is Widely Used In The Lighting Industry

Mar. 06, 2019 Share:

As a semiconductor luminescent material, LED Street Light is widely used in road lighting because of its green, high efficiency, reliability and durability, which makes other luminescent materials eclipse.

The led lamp has high luminous efficiency, low reflection loss of the lamp, and energy saving up to 70%; and can be combined with digital control to control the brightness and save power; at the same time, the LED lamp does not need high voltage and has high safety; in addition, the LED lamp provides Ultra-high brightness and high color rendering light source will greatly reduce the risk factor in accidents, fog, rain and other special circumstances; LED lamp installation and maintenance is simple, through module installation, no unnecessary wiring, will not cause light pollution or waste.

The power system of LED lamps is also different from traditional light sources. Die Casting Aluminum LED Street Light is suitable for low power consumption, low operating voltage and low output power and low output voltage of solar modules. Therefore, all solar street lamps are Led light. The led lamp works stably, safely and reliably, and the high efficiency is accompanied by low energy consumption. These are the important reasons why led can develop rapidly.

SLS033-100W LED Street light